The company was established in 1992 by Mr Karel Baumrukr who started his business as an individual under the following business name: Karel Baumrukr – BRZDY BAUMRUKR. In the following years the number of orders was increasing and there was a need for employees and working space. A building was rented in Borská Pole and it was bought in 1999. Then the building was rebuilt into a modern service station. There is our registered office in the building nowadays.

In July 2002, the firm was transformed into s. r. o. (Ltd.)  and since that time, the company has been operating as Brzdy Baumrukr, s. r. o. There are two agents in the company. In 2004, Mr Michal Baumrukr was named a second agent.

The company starts expanding. A new 33 metres long service hall was built up next to the current building in Plzeň in 2005. The first subsidiary of BRZDY BAUMRUKR, s. r. o. was opened in Prague in the following year. It is in Nupaky logistic premises, next to D1 highway exit, Brno – Prague direction. Another subsidiary was opened in Sedlec near České Budějovice in 2007.

A contract of close cooperation was signed with ITAP Praha, spol. s r. o. in 2007. ITAP company operates in aftermarket only through Brzdy Baumrukr, s. r. o. Brzdy Baumrukr took over all ITAP activities concerning customers and suppliers. This cooperation established a stronger business partner for all customers. Current services remained the same but the range of products widened. Value of spare parts which are ready for our customers on our stock, is worth over 30 million Czech Crowns (CZK).

As the company grows, there is also a need for new employees which is still increasing. At the end of the first half of 2008, there are 46 of employees in the company. The number of finished orders for service is also increasing. In 2006 there were 3711 orders for 852 customers, in 2007 there were 4878 orders for 924 customers and at the end of November 2008 there were 6000 orders for 1080 customers. It is necessary to point out that the data refer only to commissions for service. 

Brzdy Baumrukr, s. r. o. offers only high-quality original spare parts. We usually get them directly from manufacturers. This business activity is also getting better.  In 2006 there were 6279 orders for 889 customers, in 2007 there were 5586 orders for 940 customers. At the end of November 2008 there were 7000 orders for 1151 customers.


Since its establishment, the company is concerned to provide high-quality services and to assure customer´s satisfaction. Wide range of products on our stock helps us to achieve the above-mentioned goals. Immediate availability of the spare parts guarantees nearly 100% assurances that the order will be finished within one day. Next thing which helps us to develop our company, is ISO 9001:2008 certification. It proves high-quality service and management. Subject of certification is the service of brake systems of trucks and trailers, repair and renewal of trailer bodies, and specialized aftermarket for trucks and trailers. Having received the ISO certification, we are able to master even more sophisticated demands.




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Servisní statuty:
KNORR - servis brzd
WABCO service centrum
SCHMITZ - trailer service

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